Songs and Scones –  Wednesday 19th June at 2.30pm in the Public Hall

The talented Julia Turner with her guitar entertained the group with songs while they enjoyed a delicious cream tea. 

Singalong and Entertainments – Thursday 20th June at 2pm St Mary’s Gardens  

Thursday Club  enjoyed a singalong and were entertained by the Beaminster Playgroup and children from St Mary’s Academy who also helped serve tea and cakes.

Melodies for Memories Open DayTuesday 25th June at Abbeyfield   

Led by the brilliant Hilary Foggo, this was a thoroughly enjoyable morning with all sorts of musical activities, not to mention coffee and biscuits! 

Vintage Tea Dance –   Sunday 7th July 2.30-5pm  Public Hall   £6 from Festival Box Office, Yarn Barton.

For those with a bit of get up and go we have a tea dance led by Glenn Bayliss.  Put your glad rags on, learn some new steps, watch a demo, impress your friends with your fancy footwork!!   Seated admirers welcome!   Enjoy a break with tea and cakes with all the lovely vintage trimmings.


Learning an instrument can be a bit solitary so beinaband enables adult novice players to come together and make music.  We meet monthly and will play in the Bridport Musicathon in June raising money for young musicians. for more information

Thanks to Belacqua Trust for helping to fund some of these events.