Our Values


We are passionate about….


  • Freedom to succeed / develop / learn / trial with freedom to develop a programme that will best meet the objectives of the Festival. The programme may include testing of different genres, talents and styles of events to explore new avenues.  Successes and glorious failures approach (we learn and evolve).
  • Quality enjoying the best artistic and most enriching experiences.
  • Valuing each other, and the diversity within our community where we strive to forge sustainable relationships that help our community to thrive with a creative spirit and in friendship and tolerance.
  • Having pride in our community and the talent within it – we will endeavour to showcase emerging talent within our community in our programme.
  • Sustainability and the environment – we will create a sustainable festival to deliver long term benefits to the community. We will be mindful of the impact we have on our environment and seek sustainable solutions to protect our beautiful countryside.