Jonathan Wales
Chair of the organising committee

Mission, Vision and Objectives 


To celebrate the diversity of the arts in our beautiful community where we come together to shine a spotlight on established and emerging talent, create memories and inspire future generations to enjoy music and the arts.



To inspire, engage and entertain audiences across the generations by setting the stage for a diverse range of music and arts of the highest quality.



Provide a vibrant and ambitious programme of creative activities of high quality culminating in an annual festival of music and the arts with classical music at its core.

Educate our audiences and offer a wide breadth of experiences to engage, excite and inspire them to become involved.

Entertain and enhance the quality of life of the people of Beaminster and the surrounding area delivering accessible, affordable and free events which attract the widest possible support.

Plan events specifically focused around our children and schools to encourage them to engage in music and the arts. Fundraising where appropriate for instruments and materials to facilitate their journey. Provide work experience opportunities.

Contribute to the local economy both directly and via support to local artists. Encourage local businesses to become engaged utilising their premises for main and fringe events. Make use of local community facilities and open spaces.

Beaminster Festival is a charity supervised by a board of Trustees and long term sustainability is at the heart of our operation.

The Festival is dependent on the commitment, dedication and enthusiasm of many volunteers and we seek to provide them with a rewarding and safe experience.